Creusabro® 8000: a high performance wear and impact resistant steel

Creusabro® 8000 is a high performance wear resistant steel, exhibiting a wear resistance 50% higher than conventional 500HB water quenched steel, combined with excellent weldability and very acceptable workability.Rather than relying exclusively on a high hardness level, properties of Creusabro® 8000 are improved as a result of the combination of an enriched alloying content (chromium, nickel, molybdenum and titanium) and specific heat treatment procedures

The moderate hardness of Creusabro® 8000 in the as delivered condition makes processing operations like cutting,machining and forming easier and far better than ordinary water quenched steels.

When in service, Creusabro® 8000 strongly improves its wear resistance by a surface hardening effect of about +70 HB under the action of local plastic deformations caused by impact with rocks or pressure by the abrasive particles.Creusabro® 8000 is ideal for applications in mines and quarries, cement and steelmaking industries, public works and agricultural machinery. In the toughest industries such as mining and earth moving, the higher resistance to wear and impact abrasion translates into increased service life of wearparts and components made of Creusabro® 8000 against conventional water quenched steels. As a result, significant costs saving benefits are achieved to plant maintenance budgets.

The grade is suitable for all types of abrasion, sliding or impact, dry or wet environments, including operating temperatures up to 350-450℃.


Creusabro® 8000 is a proprietary and exclusive grade developed by Industeel.There exists no engineering standard for plates intended for wear resistant applications.


C S P Mn Ni Cr Mo
<= 0.28 <= 0.005 <=0.018 <= 1.6 <= 1.0 <=1.6 <=0.40


-20℃ (-4℉) J
Indicative values 470 1250 (181) 1630 (236) 12 44 (32) 205
Guaranteed values (as supplied) Hardness 430-500 HB


Density at +20℃ (68℉) = 7.85kg/dm3
Expansion coefficient – average (10-6/℃)

11.2 12.0 12.5 13.2 13.8



All classical thermal processes (oxygen-plasma-laser) can be used. Plasma and laser processes are especially recommended, to obtain better precision and cutting aspect and to minimize the extend of the Heat Affected Zone (HAZ). Whatever process (thermal) is used, following conditions are sufficient to avoid any cold cracking:
Plate temperature Thickness = 40 mm
Thickness > 40 mm
>= 10℃(50℉) No preheating Preaheating
150℃ (302℉)
< 10℃ (50℉) All thicknesses: preheating 150℃
Water jet cutting also can by used. Shearing of thin plates is not recommended


Milling shall be done with high speed steels HSSCO type (ex. AR according AFNOR, M42 according to AISI) taper shank. Carbide tip drills (K10 or K20 according to ISO) and possibly coated (TiN) shall significantly improve drilling performances in case of medium to large production.
Tool Ømm
Drilling speed
Revolution Speed
10 (.39'') 4-6 125-190 .007
20 (.79'') 65-95 .10
30 (1.18'') 40-65 .12
10 (.39'') 18-22 575-700 .007
20 (.79'') 285-350 .10
30 (1.18'') 190-235 .12


shall be done with HSSCO tools (AR. according to AFNOR, M35 according to AISI or AR. A better efficiency will be obtained with carbide tips P10/P30 (rough machining) or K10/K20 (finishing).
Quality Depth mm
Cutting speed
(T1 5)
1 (.04'') 10-12 0.08
4 (.16'') 8 - 10 0.12
8 (.31'') 5 - 8 0.12


Cold forming can be done under the following appropriate conditions:
Internal bending radius (min.) th=thickness
to rolling direction ri >= 5 th
// to rolling ri >= 6 th
Die opening V (mini) V >= 14 th

According above parameters, bending strength depends on bending length, thickness, die opening…
Table here after gives indicative power needed to bend for a die opening of 14 times the thickness.

mm (inch)
Bending strength
per meter (Tons/m)
10 (.39'') 200
20 (.78'') 430


Creusabro®8000 can be welded with all classical processes: manual, semi-automatic under gas protection, automatic under flux. For welds non subjected to wear, following welding products can be used:
Manual coated electrode A81309
DIN 1913
Class E514/3B10
AWS 5-1
Class E7016
or 7018
Semiautomatic under gas A81311
DIN 8559 SG2 AWS A5-18
Class ER70S4
or ER 70S6M
DIN 8559
SGB1 CY 4255
Class ER 71T5
For welds exposed to wear, please ask for advice on the choice of welding products and processes and parameters. Welded area must be free of grease, water,oxides… As best practice, we recommend a minimum preheat of 120℃ (250℉) to ensure the joint is dry. Electrodes and flux shall be stoved according to supplier recommendations. Following preheating conditions can be used when welding in a dry controlled environment and provided the weld joint is not subject to excessive stress.


Creusabro®8000 can be used with success in a wide range of application – as example:

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